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The Knight Of Maison-Rouge
Title Book: The Knight Of Maison-Rouge
ISBN 10: 9780812969634
ISBN 13: 0812969634
Publisher : Modern Library
Category : Fiction / Classics
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 423

Télécharger The Knight Of Maison-Rouge livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. A major new translation of a forgotten classic

Paris, 1793, the onset of the Terror. Brave Republican Maurice rescues a mys-terious and beautiful woman from an angry mob and is unknowingly drawn into a secret Royalist plot—a plot revolving around the imprisoned Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, and her enigmatic and fearless champion, the Knight of Maison-Rouge. Full of surprising twists, breakneck adventure, conspiracies, swordplay, romance, and heroism, The Knight of Maison-Rouge is an exhilarating tale of selflessness, love, and honor under the shadow of the guillotine. Dumas here is at the very height of his powers, and with this first and only modern translation, readers can once again ride with the Knight of Maison-Rouge.

From the Hardcover edition.