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Graded French Reader
Title Book: Graded French Reader
ISBN 10: 9780618574742
ISBN 13: 0618574743
Publisher : Cengage Learning
Category : Foreign Language Study / General
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 254

Télécharger Graded French Reader livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement.

Developed for second- and third-year French courses, Graded French Reader, Premire tape, 6/e, helps students transition from language-based courses to literature and culture courses through review of vocabulary and grammar and an emphasis on oral communication. Presenting a variety of genres, the readings feature works by contemporary francophone authors, including women writers. Texts are organized in order of difficulty and are presented in manageable sections. Comprehension, linguistic, and communicative activities accompany each reading.

  • New! Communicative activities advance students' oral proficiency by encouraging them to produce language at the paragraph level.
  • New! Comprehensive vocabulary activities offer additional and varied practice opportunities including matching, categorization, and circumlocution.
  • New! Inclusion of more genres increases student awareness of the diversity of French and francophone literature.
  • New! Internet activities encourage further cultural exploration of topics and themes presented in the text.
  • Presentation of readings in manageable, graded sections builds students' confidence in mastering the material.
  • Comprehensive post-reading exercises guide students through each selection while reinforcing comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar structures.
  • Brief grammar reviews reinforce previously learned grammar structures, offering concise explanations and contextualized practice.
  • Section-ending communicative activities engage students in the text and encourage critical thinking and oral communication through pair, small-group, and whole-class work.