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The Resurrection of the Messiah
Title Book: The Resurrection of the Messiah
ISBN 10: 9781587682964
ISBN 13: 1587682966
Publisher : Paulist Press
Category : Religion / Biblical Commentary / New Testament
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 203

Télécharger The Resurrection of the Messiah livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. "Taking inspiration from a different interpretative tradition, the classic work of Raymond Brown on the birth and death of the Messiah, Francis Moloney has provided a comprehensive narrative reading of the resurrection stories of all four Gospels, in close association with their passion narratives, to which they are the stunning response. The book traces how the four eangelists' different telling of the resurrection stories has "narrated" the action of God for Jesus, and the action of God and Jesus for all Christians in and through the early Church's belief and experience of the resurrection of Jesus. The final chapter discusses what we can recover about the events of Easter day and, more importantly, what these events meant then, and continue to mean today." - back cover