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Unmentionable Cuisine
Title Book: Unmentionable Cuisine
ISBN 10: 9780813911625
ISBN 13: 0813911621
Publisher : University of Virginia Press
Category : Cooking / History
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 476

Télécharger Unmentionable Cuisine livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. An engaging look at "food prejudices," or why we eat what we eat and why we reject other food sources as unpalatable--with recipes! "This is a unique and engrossing work and, to my mind, an important contribution to the annals of gastronomy. It will not, of course, appeal to all palates . . . but neither do snails and sweetbreads, brains and other oddments of animals." --Craig Claiborne "I read from cover to cover with huge enjoyment. . . I can recall no other book that has covered the subject of strange foods with quite his flair and authority, and I consider the book required reading for anyone interested in the lore of food." --James Beard