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Interaction: Langue et culture, Enhanced
Title Book: Interaction: Langue et culture, Enhanced
ISBN 10: 1285400895
ISBN 13: 9781285400891
Publisher : Cengage Learning
Category : Foreign Language Study / French
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 480

Télécharger Interaction: Langue et culture, Enhanced livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. INTERACTION: LANGUE ET CULTURE, 8th Edition is a complete intermediate French program offering unparalleled support for the study of culture, literature, and language. The Enhanced 8th Edition includes five court-metrage films with accompanying pre - , during, and post- viewing activities. The film spreads with accompanying activities occur every two chapters in the core textbook. These award-winning Francophone films provide students with opportunities to interact, in a meaningful way, with the French language and Francophone cultures. The Interaction program contains a broad range of cultural and literary content and concise, yet thorough grammar explanations in a convenient, one-book format. The Eighth Edition maintains the renowned strengths of previous editions--now combined with many improvements, including new readings and cultural content that speak to the interests of today's student. INTERACTION is accompanied by a technologically enhanced multimedia package, including an engaging video program and iLrn: Heinle Learning Center--a powerful, all-in-one online solution that helps you and your students get the most out of your course.
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