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The Oldest Cuisine in the World
Title Book: The Oldest Cuisine in the World
Author : Jean Bottéro
ISBN 10: 9780226067353
ISBN 13: 0226067351
Publisher : University of Chicago Press
Category : Cooking / History
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 134

Télécharger The Oldest Cuisine in the World livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement.

In this intriguing blend of the commonplace and the ancient, Jean Bottéro presents the first extensive look at the delectable secrets of Mesopotamia. Bottéro’s broad perspective takes us inside the religious rites, everyday rituals, attitudes and taboos, and even the detailed preparation techniques involving food and drink in Mesopotamian high culture during the second and third millennia BCE, as the Mesopotamians recorded them.

Offering everything from translated recipes for pigeon and gazelle stews, the contents of medicinal teas and broths, and the origins of ingredients native to the region, this book reveals the cuisine of one of history’s most fascinating societies. Links to the modern world, along with incredible recreations of a rich, ancient culture through its cuisine, make Bottéro’s guide an entertaining and mesmerizing read.